My Story – 1

My name is AHMAD MOBIN HARIS & this is my first post. So I thought I should give my readers an insight into my life.

I was born on 6th April 1993 in a highly educated middle class family. I have two younger sisters. We have always lived in rented house and that is something which I have personally always enjoyed. A new place to live after a certain time gives me a nomadic feel which I have always loved. Though our present house is where we have spent a huge part of our life, a complete decade.

me without mascara! 😉

I was an extremely pampered kid because I was the first one for my parents and also because I was born when our complete family was suffering from “baby drought”. I was thin & fragile and one of the ugliest kid with all that mascara all over my face. It was a presumed notion that I will either be a doctor or an engineer before my parents even got me enrolled in school. In 1996 my race to “no-where” began.

I was an introvert who only spoke to a selected few. I was ubiquitously known as a nerd because of my grades until class 7-‘F’ where there were the best students from every class. That competition was too much for my little brain to fight. I started losing morale with each test and my grades began to deteriorate. It was a phase in my life when my parents were also unaware of my fear of competitiveness. They thought I was not studying deliberately. In reality I was trying but others were simply better than me. At that young age (when I had just entered my teens) I was not able to comprehend anything and i ranked 27th out of the 41 students in my class that year .

7-‘F’ was 1 turning point in my life. No matter how much hard work I put in, the results were the same. I started feeling clumsy, gloomy & disheartened; it was the worst nightmare for 3 continuous years. The growing pressure from all the sides served the purpose of last nail in the coffin.
To my surprise and my parents’ & society walee’s amusement too i passed with flying colors(90.6% to be exact 😉 ).
But I never knew that this would be one of the worst mistakes I would have ever made. The PRESUMED NOTION of me becoming an ENGINEER became even stronger and appalling for me to resist. I was 15 at that time and was still ambiguous about my career so i opted for PCM ( jiska koi ni hta h uska atleast 1 engineering college hta hai).

CLASS 11th
1st Day-   *to be continued*




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