The Blessed One

Just imagine you are living in a world where there is only a particular type of fruit ‘x’  which can help you to maintain your health and in providing oxygen and other nutrients essential for your body. Some people like it but some don’t. The ones who don’t, they have to force themselves to like it or they can choose any fruit of their choice but they won’t be bestowed upon with the quantity & quality of the things provided to the one having fruit ‘x’.
This fruit ‘x’ in India is known as ENGINEERING. Anybody who wants this fruit is not less than a superstar for his parents & the society.

In this article I  am going to talk about someone who has been more than a brother to me & a great friend, Adarsh Singh aka “Rancho”.

People meet Mr. Rancho ! 🙂

Mr. Rancho belongs to that ELITE class of people who have always loved this beneficial & ‘better than the rest’ fruit. Basically, he has loved engineering & from the very beginning(since the time he was 10 years old) known that he wanted to be an engineer; he even knew the stream he wanted. At that age I didn’t even knew how to wash my undergarments!

Suppose you have always known your destination and the whole world is encouraging you in your endeavor. There would be no limit to the extent of your achievements. The best part, you are excited and always at peace with yourself. You don’t mind working extra for it( actually you love it).

So, Mr. Rancho chose Computer Science till 12th & after that he graduated with a degree in Computer Science from a very prestigious Engineering college. He got placed via campus but the joining date was a issue here(he had to wait for more than 4 months). As he was genuinely interested in learning about the coding & developing of program & other things which sound extremely fascinating to any GENUINE Software Engineer. He went off-campus & got selected in a company which is quiet new in the arena but has a great & co-operative team offered Rancho a position of a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER which he always wanted to be.

The thing he liked the most about the job according to Rancho was the joining date and the position. He had been asked to join within 10 days. And rather becoming distressed about it he was feeling ecstatic. I have never seen a man so passionately crazy about his work in my life till now. His salary is decent, he has become responsible & earned respect(from the majority of the people who know him). He doesn’t have to fake that he is working(..hard). His eyes have become vibrant with a new zeal in them.

He loves his job. WOW! He is definitely one of the BLESSED ONES!

I also feel proud to say that he is my friend not because he is a Software Engineer but because he is a REAL & AUTHENTIC SOFTWARE ENGINEER.

Clarification– I am totally NOT against Engineering as a profession. I am against the prevalent education system in our country. Why people fail to realize that everybody doesn’t loves this fruit ‘x’. And why do people forget that you need to include all the fruits & give equal importance to each fruit to ensure a balanced diet in the REAL WORLD.  Profession EQUALITY is the only thing that I demand.. that we can create a better India, a country full of immense talent in every field that parents support their kids to become what they want that people can be at peace with themselves that this world becomes a better place to live in.

..because it should be our fundamental right to be given proper facilities & respect irrespective of the profession we choose.

..because this system needs to stop! reform is needed and that to as early as possible. that I can experience the feeling of doing something I love just like Rancho!

A random thought –

Quest : Where do you find the greatest minds of India ??
Ans : In the IIT’s , IIM’s, NIT’s..

Quest: Where do you find the greatest American minds ?
Ans: Doing well in their respective fields!              

*source – QUORA*


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