My Story – 3(The Silver Lining)


I still remember that one of my favorite teacher came to me with sympathy when I had started going to school again and told me to purchase a particular guide book for Physics & Chemistry which will help get  the passing marks(as i had done horrendously bad in my class tests).

By that time, I had completely stopped talking to my parents as they were not happy with my relationship as well as my deteriorating condition in studies. We only spoke a little at the dining table during dinner.

As if the 1st atom bomb wasn’t enough, the 2nd bomb on Nagasaki also fell- the ugly break-up(after which we reconciled many times but once faith is gone,insecurities get inside your relationship; love alone can’t suffice).

Japan was blown up & so was I.

At that moment, I experienced the maximum amount of negative feelings I have ever had in my life.

And then there it was,  the SILVER LINING. I don’t know how & what exactly happened but my parents became extremely supportive of me all of a sudden. I guess they sensed something terrible had happened to me. I had stopped going out, had stopped eating,etc(Devdas style). The out-pour of support  was something I had needed at that time(and was provided with it) because my 12th exams and other competitive exams were not far. Fortunately, I passed my 12th with good marks(81.5%) but the fun part was that the lowest marks I scored were in Physics & Chemistry ,66 & 64 respectively (that guide did help).

Then the wait for the result of the competitive exams began; I was more interested in NIFT. IHM was my plan ‘B’.

FIRST RESULT : NIFT – “SORRY CANDIDATE, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN SELECTED FOR THE NEXT ROUND”. Dreams got shattered , hell broke loose in my family. For a week my father became belligerent towards me. My mother being a mother always came and rescued me whenever there was a possibility of any face-off. 2 weeks after NIFT result came out,  NCHMCT(IHM) results were declared. I secured 1407th position out of the 200 thousand students who had appeared for the exam.

Woah! What a relief! Ecstatic, I called up my relatives & told them about my achievement(They were also not happy with my decision).To be honest, it was  a complete surprise for me too.

Hotel Management Days

I could have selected IHM, Lucknow(my city) but at that time I had my first break up & I wanted to leave Lucknow and escape to a place where nobody could ever find me & which could help me move on. It was also becoming quite difficult to cope up with the growing restrictions being imposed on me by my parents( though all of them had logic behind them which I later understood). I selected IHM Bangalore (now Bengaluru).

And again to my surprise, my parents, especially my father, supported me so much that he took me to Bangalore, made all the arrangements and returned only when i was finally settled.

IHM, Bangalore was a beautiful place with infinite opportunities for people who were actually interested in Hotel Management. But in India it is considered as a place meant for under-qualified people(though things are improving slowly & steadily). I was considered as a ‘nerd’ there which I personally didn’t like & in the process of removing this tag, I forgot the purpose for which my parents had sent me there.

I will always admire and love my parents for approving & respecting my decision to do Hotel Management.

*to be contd.*



2 thoughts on “My Story – 3(The Silver Lining)

    1. ‘useless’ is a very beautiful term. It is used to show your ‘present credential’ in the society. It is generally bestowed to people who are not of the herd mentality & do something they are extremely passionate about. It also becomes the driving force for that person to work hard enough to prove himself right.
      And it is something I relate to.


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