My Story – 4(Re-calibrating Priorities)

My first two year were disaster in college. I focused all my energy to do the wrong thing in the right fashion..long drives, bonding,friends, parties, exploring and what not. While those founding years enriched my memory bank I made a plethora of diversified Wrong decisions & had mutated priorities & remained totally imbecile. If given a chance I would love to do many things in a different way. You know learn to create a balance between rock & roll and cram & bone. But time & tide waits for none.

Fortunately, I got interested in the course & was fascinated by the operation of the restaurant in particular. It was a luxury based, ever-growing industry with lots of amazing cuisines, hospitality and lit up life.
I began laying the thought of opening a restaurant.
By the time I got serious about my future all the good companies had already hired the cream students & I was definitely not one of them.
Dejected & disheartened I sat in my room thinking about my parents. Then I decided that it was not the right time to behave like a coward & I had to stand up & fight. The next big company which came to our college was a international 5 star chain of   hotels and they were hiring people for there pre-opening team.

I was in a do or die situation because it was the last ‘A’ list company which was visiting our campus that year.

It took them more than 21 days to declare the short-listed candidates & I was one of them. My happiness knew no bounds. I was feeling ecstatic & exuberant as soon as I had my offer letter in my hands. The opportunity to have your chair just next to your Director of F&B & to work with Directors from different fields was an overwhelming experience for me. I got to know many essential  things regarding planning, market survey,etc.
Within few months I knew the basics of the working of a restaurant. But, I still didn’t know how to have a bigger picture of things, how to market a product & many other important things which were quite essential if I ever wanted to have my own restaurant. And one fine day all of a sudden my father calls me & asks me whether i wanted to do an MBA or not.
Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity & advancement. And at that very moment I said yes to the proposal. I have been preparing for many entrance exams for the past 4 months. Insha Allah would be joining a good college this year.
I have made many mistakes in my life till now. I took the YOLO attitude in a negative way & a bit too seriously.But as they say ” Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be”. I am definitely blessed to have such a supportive family & group of friends(extended family)  which helped me re-calibrate my priorities & have a promising life ahead.
Well, that is my story till now, will keep you updated ,always.

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