Mukesh – the man nobody wants to be!

The vulnerable phase of adolescence, when you want to imitate all the bad things which you think are cool at that time, is pretty dangerous & can have hazardous aftermaths(most of the time).

I still remember the 1st cigarette I stole from my grandfather’s coat pocket & went to inhale & taste the 1st smell of freedom & adulthood( this was a secret which had been hidden from the world- till now, that is). I was 15 when I accomplished my mission of lighting & taking the first drag discreetly in the bathroom of my Grandfather’s house. After full 2 minutes of coughing like anything, I knew I needed a lot of practice. I might have given up on Chemistry & Physics, but never on smoking cigarettes. Within a year, I was experienced enough  to smoke properly but some skills were still missing.

My college + my gang + never-ending dedication to be cool helped me transform into a virtuoso who could not only smoke but do some tricks as well; and that too in just 6 months. It was an executive diploma course. Before I knew anything I had lost a lot of weight ( 14 kgs to be exact) & had become very weak. Within 10 months of joining the college I was hospitalized ( was just 17 at that time) and had to go through many medical tests. The reports came, I was told by the doctor that I have severe lung infection ( the medical term for which I don’t remember, but they were the early symptoms of Tuberculosis).

The report had an extremely gruesome effect on me and had put tremendous load on my mind. I needed a cigarette to ease the situation.After leaving the hospital, the very first opportunity I got to reach the GUMTI (Local cigarette stalls) , I grabbed it. I was just about to light my cigarette when my heart & mind simultaneously recalled what the doctor had told me in person & didn’t expose me in front of my parents at that time. His words of wisdom were “you better stop doing what you are, or else you might be the next person after MUKESH I am going to see in the ads whenever I go to watch movie next time.”

smoking ad

INFO- MUKESH is a guy who died due to oral cancer caused by tobacco consumption & the Indian Govt very efficiently uses his example to prevent the people from smoking.

It still gives me goosebumps to keep myself in his position.

The feeling of numbness & fear of death ( that too because of my irresponsible nature) was huge enough to get me on track & thank God to have given me a beautiful life.

I lead a healthy life now.

It was 7th February 2012, when I got my report at Indira Diagnostic Center; there is not a single day I have missed thanking that doctor in my life.

Hope you will understand the message & refrain from this habit in your life.


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