Life at a faster pace – 1

Those days when we were just about to enter our adulthood & were carefree vagabonds were the best days of my life(so far). I still remember being a shy introvert kid in school rarely speaking to anybody until and unless somebody approached me first(Especially with the ladies).

Then when I came in class 8th, I was blessed with a messiah “Vaibhav Shankdhar” a.k.a. VS who had a girlfriend at that time when I considered talking to the opposite sex as the most challenging task. VS was a ladies man and IS still a heart-throb amongst ladies. Via VS I met “Adarsh Singh” a.k.a. RANCHO and these 2 beautiful souls introduced me to the world where girls & boys could be friends, laugh together, play together and what not.

It was something I always wanted (as I had series of crushes on many girls but was inexperienced in asking any of them out for a date). Adarsh Singh was the most studious kid in our group but also the most screwed up lover too. I still remember he once jumped from the 1st floor after his first break-up and injured his bums (He was never good at handling break-ups).

When that chapter got over he got smitten by this gorgeous lady named Bhawna. The very first time I saw her it was from behind as we all were on a bike and she was engrossed in her own world of fairyland. That very moment itself I approved her for Rancho.

VS’s first GF Jyotsna used to study in a different college(L.P.C.) than ours(along with Bhawna).

Then through VS I met the rest of the LPCian Gang Himanshu a.k.a. Jabbar(Bhai),Saumya a.k.a. Mrs. Jabbar, TASHU a.k.a. Ms Hussain, Prerita a.k.a. Jn Artist & Samiya a.k.a. Snow White. Soon we started to hang out together,sometimes at VS’s place and sometimes mine. It used to be great fun. Time flew like wind when all of us sat together. Those intriguing talks about new crushes in each & every person’s life, nonsense talks about studies topped with bhawna’s unintentional funny acts were something that could keep you engrossed for hours.

These were the ingredients of the best dish we have cooked together till date, called friendship.


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