Parthos – The Game Changer

Not sure which year it was exactly but somewhere in the early 2000s, I met a bigger introvert than me. It was Mr. Parth Chauhan a.k.a. Subbu(as we all love to call him).

Well, Subbu was an ideal kid from the very beginning, spending much of his time at home unlike the majority of other kids. He was (& still is) very active till date. We played a lot of games like gully cricket, football, badminton,etc. together when we were kids.

From the initial stages itself, he was very much inclined towards music, and when he was about to enter high school that passion aggravated. He started spending a lot of time playing the guitar and improving his vocals. His physical presence on the field plummeted drastically.

He is a prodigy when it comes to music and creativity. When we were kids, Engineering & Medicine were the most sought after fields of study (they still are, but less so) because of the belief that once you become either an engineer or a doctor, you will consequently get respect, a stable income and a wife(as you may have heard, “ek acchi ladki”) as well. Like many others of his batch, he joined a well reputed Engineering coaching center (the biggest scam prevalent these days) owing to the societal pressure.

He fortunately had an amazing group of friends who shared common interests which were related to the creative world of fashion. After acquiring full knowledge about the career and trusting his instincts, he decided to give the entrance exam of NIFT(National Institute of Fashion Technology) and secured a fantastic rank in one of the top institutes in India.

He became an overnight star and a MESSIAH for many of us who had different dreams, but did not have the courage to take that 1 step forward.

When you genuinely want something nothing can stop you except your laziness and your negative attitude towards it.

A brief interview from the ‘trendsetter’ Mr. Subbu as we all love to call him.

  1. How was your early life?


Life as a kid was loads of fun. Never had any siblings but I remember of having a computer as far as my memory goes back. I thought of the computer to be so staple in the late 90s and early 2000s that I thought everyone has a computer at home, like a television. My parents ensured the best of everything for me whether it was education, clothing, food or technology.

  1. Your education and how did you choose your subjects in 9th& 11th   ?

No optional subjects in 9th that I can think of. In 11th I chose science and C++ because of the obvious peer pressure, though I always found science much more interesting than commerce. There were no art subjects in our school.

  1. Knowing about NIFT and discovering the talent

There is no talent required to get into NIFT especially in Technology [for design you are required to be creatively sound]. Surprisingly, a neighbor of mine told me about NIFT and its prospects and though he secured a good rank in the entrance exam himself he never went to NIFT, instead he chose to do B.Tech from some private institute. And now he is a PO in IDBI bank after doing some course from the TimesPro institute.

  1. Convincing your parents

Convincing my parents was not such a big task because, it is funny that I performed in almost no entrance exam except for NIFT and the same happened with four of my best friends. So, we collectively worked it out to join NIFT and try out our careers there. Fortunately, it has worked well until now, since we didn’t waste any time in dropping a year and preparing for something that we were never interested in.

  1. NIFT life & studies

Life at NIFT is exciting like any other college, though NIFT has some added advantages of bigger proportion of girls at the campus [because many of us in this country still think that fashion and design is something that still belongs to girls]. The fashion shows were so common that we used to get bored of them after a while. But the best feeling was to be in a place that was full of talent, artists and creativity.

  1. Reason behind brilliant performance in college exams and competitions

Neither my performance can be termed brilliant nor there is ‘one cloak fits all’ formula to success. Patience is the key. I just followed the schedule, did all the assignments timely. I just tried incorporating lots of analysis and research in whatever I did. That was it. I tried to enjoy all the subjects including some from which the whole class used to run away like garment construction (GC) and pattern making (PM).

  1. Landing the dream job

That is purely luck. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the campus placements. Much more after I got placed I came to know about my exact job profile and the brand for which I was supposed to work for. And definitely, it is not a dream job, it’s like any other corporate job which gets boring after a year or two. But Karma pays off in some way or the other.

  1. Message to the career-wise confused people

To silence the noise all around yourself and listening to the heart is very necessary. I know this is something that’s easier said than done but after a certain point parents; peers; teachers nobody can help you with the career that you want to make for yourself. The important thing to understand is that you CAN make mistakes and be confused, and that is absolutely okay. Experimentation is the trick, its fun, it’s enriching, and it is a great learning experience. In this era, anyone can make a mark with any career choice. Everyone gets his/her time. Juniors might be ahead in many ways, but that doesn’t mean that you are delayed. What they might be doing now, you might do it in 10 years down the line, they might do it only for 5 years, and you might enjoy it for 20 years. So, don’t worry and keep going ahead without the useless anxieties. Cheers!

Best wishes from Mr Parthos! \m/

Hope it helps you people to analyze and introspect what you want from your career.

Happy reading.



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